80,000 Little Free Libraries stand in all 50 states and 91 different countries around the world.

And through these tiny front-yard book exchanges, big things are happening! Communities are being strengthened, literacy is getting a boost, neighbors are talking again—and people of all ethnic and economic backgrounds are taking part.

The Little Free Library Book tells the history of the movement, gathers quirky and poignant stories from owners, provides a resource guide for starting your own Little Free Library, and delights readers with color images of the most creative and inspired LFLs around.

Here's what the Los Angeles Times, Library Journal, and others are saying about the book:

Literary democracy in action…. Both primer and inspiration, a history and a guide for how to get involved.” —Los Angeles Times

"Lovers of books and libraries will adore this title, as will readers interested in folk art or successful grassroots movements. Be warned, Little Free Libraries are sure to spring up wherever this book is available." —Library Journal, *starred review*

LFLs are truly by, of, and for the people. In this well-conceived and delightfully accessible volume, Margret Aldrich traces the inception, staggering growth, and impact of the movement. —Public Art Review

“It has to be one of this country’s better exports…. [Little Free Library’s] grassroots story and those of many Little Free Library caretakers are told in Margret Aldrich’s delightful new book, The Little Free Library Book.” —San Francisco Gate

“The overarching theme of the book is that Little Free Libraries draw out our innate humanness and connectedness, as well as a sense of joy.” —Shareable

“If you weren’t already a devotee of this homegrown project, prepare to become one…. More than just a spot to trade books and maybe meet a neighbor, the libraries function as pint-sized social justice projects.” —Star Tribune

“This is not just a nice book to peruse; it's an inspiration and invitation to share books and conversation and joy. Who doesn't like to walk down a street and see what's new in their neighborhood LFL?” —Shelf Awareness

“[Margret Aldrich] profiles Little Free Libraries with distinct creative flair and the citizen librarians behind them.”—The Capital Times

The Little Free Library Book is something entirely unique and exciting to read…. In the name of community building, boundary crossing, and grassroots literacy for the people, check out the next Little Free Library you come across.” —Hazel + Wren

"Stewards across the globe can be found within the [Little Free Library Book's] pages, along with helpful how-to's for any question you can conjure, professional blueprints for building your own LFL, and photos of some of the coolest Libraries around."—The Loft

“Say what you will about the current state of American society, we’ve still got some small pockets of democratic beauty around our country.”—Secrets of the City

Get involved! Check out the Events page to find out if Margret is coming to your city to talk about the book and visit Little Free Libraries in your neighborhood. Or, head over to littlefreelibrary.org to get a Library of your own!